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AIP (Portugal) partner search Objective 2.3 

Publish date: 22/04/2009 

A Portuguese association AIP ( that has a large library collection of volumes (books, audiovisual, sound, archival records, newspapers, photos, etc.) since 1837 (about 5 000 documents), would like to digitalise and preserve their precious collection applying with an international consortium for the PSP ICT 2009 call for proposal: “Objective 2.3: European Digital Library – Digitising content for Europeana”.

Interested parties kindly contact:


Elisabete Pires
CIP - IST PSP National Contact Point

Knowledge Society Agency (UMIC)-
Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education
Ed. Inovação 1 - 2º - Sala 124
2740 - 122 Porto Salvo
E: - Tel. +351 211.119.600 - Fax. +351 211.119.648