Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)
Information Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP)


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Supported actions

The single European information space, by:

  • ensuring seamless access to ICT-based services and establish appropriate framework conditions for the rapid, appropriate and effective convergence of digital communications and services, incorporating, inter alia, interoperability, the use of open standards, and security and trust aspects;
  • improving the conditions for the development of digital content, taking into account multilingualism and cultural diversity;
  • monitoring the European information society, through data collection and analysis of the development, availability and use of digital communications services, including the growth of internet, access to and take-up of broadband as well as development of content and services.

Innovation through the wider adoption of and investment in ICT, by:

  • promoting innovation in processes, services and products enabled by ICT, in particular in SMEs and public services, taking into account the necessary skill requirements;
  • facilitating public and private interaction as well as partnerships for accelerating innovation and investments in ICT;
  • promoting and raising awareness of the opportunities and benefits of ICT and its new applications for citizens and businesses, including enhancing confidence in and openness to new ICT, and stimulating debate at the European level on emerging ICT trends and developments.

An inclusive information society, more efficient and effective services in areas of public interest and improved quality of life, by:

  • widening ICT, including digital content, accessibility and digital literacy;
  • reinforcing trust and confidence as well as support of ICT use, addressing particularly privacy concerns;
  • improving the quality, efficiency, availability and accessibility of electronic services in areas of public interest and for ICT-enables participation, including, where appropriate, interoperable pan-European or cross-border public services as well as the development of common interest building blocks and the sharing of good practices.